SwimMania Swim School
 SwimMania Swim School

Learning to swim should be fun for any age or ability

Baby Swim Classes (2 weeks to 3/4 years)  


You will find a SwimMania baby course very different to other swimming lessons. We only use warm water pools (32c+) and your baby will love the sensation of floating in such a warm, calm and friendly atmosphere. Your little one can join our swim classes from just a couple of  weeks old, you will be amazed at what all our babies can achieve in the water. At SwimMania our courses are carefully structured, with progressive lesson plans for each week. Each lesson we try and teach you and your little swimmer something new, fun and exciting so each session is different. Our lessons are so much fun and babies and parents always leave the pool happy learning such an amazing skill! The babies are usually ready for a good long nap after their swim class and we have been told the little ones tend to sleep really well at night on a swimming lesson day! Our baby swim classes are perfect for you and your little star and our lessons will really help with all the babies senses, it's also an excellent bonding activity for you both! Baby swimming is completely natural; having spent months surrounded by fluid in the womb, babies have a real affinity with water! We look foward to teaching you and your little one very soon for lots of fun! 


We run these classes every day from morning till night


Classes - All below are adult and child classes


Babby Bubbles - 2 weeks to 8 months 


Starfish - 9 to 14 months 


Gold Fish - 15 to 20 months 


Turtles - 21 to 26 months 


Puffer Fish Weak - 2 to 3 years beginner swimmer (new swimmers, not confident in the pool) 


Puffer Fish Strong - 2 to 3 years advanved (confident in the pool) 


Clown Fish Weak - 3 to 4 years (beginner swimmers)


Clown Fish Strong - 3 to 4 years (confident swimmers almost ready to swim in non adult and child class Angel Fish 3 years plus. During the Clown Fish swim stage we will have some weeks with parents in the pool and other weeks without)


Big Kids Classes


Our baby swimmers progress into these classes so the parents can take a step back and watch the swmmers progress from poolside. The more advanced classes are for our swimmers who have completed our beginner classes where we will work on all the four main strokes - Front Crawl, Backstroke, Breastroke and Butterfly. We also include in our big kids classes life saving and water polo so all the swimmers are learning these fun skills while learning to swim. 


All the below classes are fun everyday at SwimMania


Angel fish  - Our angel fish classes are split into two levels weak and strong. These classes are for our pre school swimmers who are able to swim in the water without a guardian. Swimmers must be able to follow instructions and hold on safely to move to this level.


Penguins - Beginner swimmer who are new to the pool or who still needs aids to swim. We have weak and strong classes for this level. (Stage 1/2)


Rainbow Fish - Weak Swimmers who are happy to swim without aids on front and back for around 5 meters. Must be confident under water. Must be happy to jump in the pool. No aids needed to swim. We have weak and strong Rainbow fish classes (stage 2/3).


Dolphins - Can swim with ease on front and back with front crawl side breathing. They must know how to swim breaststroke using both arms and the correct leg kick. We have strong and weak Dolphin classes (stage 4).


Stingray - Can swim over arm front crawl (side breathing) and backstoke, a good standard breaststroke and butterfly, can swim at least 25meters. (Stage 5) 


Killer Whales - Can swim all four main strokes confidently for a minimum 50m. (Stage 6/7) 

Additional Needs Classes


We run additional needs classes on Wednesday and Sunday at the pool and some of these are where the swimmer swims without a parent or guardian in the pool and some of these classes a parent or guardian needs to be in the water as well. If swimmers with additional needs are under 4.5 years old they will automatically go into one of the main adult and child classes and we run these everyday.

Adult Swim Classes 


It’s never to late to start swimming and at SwimMania it’s just the perfect place to learn this important skill. Our pool is nice and warm with a comfortable depth of 1.15m deep throughout. Our classes are small and only adult swimmers will be in the pool while any adult lessons take place.


We run adult classes Monday 7pm 

WADERS – Water Assisted Disabled Excise Rehabilitation Scheme 


Waders hire our pool on a Tuesday evening 7:30pm till 9pm. For more info please contact WADERS directly www.waders.org.uk