We think learning to swim should always be super fun and exciting and we make sure our classes are also very educational.

Baby and Toddler swim classes

Two weeks old to 4 years 

You will find a SwimMania baby course very different to other swimming lessons. Our pool is always extra warm (32.5c+) and your baby will love the sensation of floating in such a warm, calm and friendly atmosphere. Your little one can join our swim classes from just a couple of  weeks old, you will be amazed at what all our babies can achieve in the water. At SwimMania our courses are carefully structured, with progressive lesson plans for each week and each lesson we try and teach you and your little swimmer something new, fun and exciting so each session is different. Our lessons are so much fun and babies and parents leave the pool happy learning such an amazing skill! The babies are usually ready for a good long nap after their swim class and we have been told the little ones tend to sleep really well at night on a swimming lesson day! Our baby swim classes are perfect for you and your little star and our lessons will really help with all the babies senses, it's also an excellent bonding activity for you both! Baby swimming is completely natural; having spent months surrounded by fluid in the womb, babies have a real affinity with water! We look forward to teaching you and your little one very soon for lots of fun! 

Big Kids classes

4 years plus (teachers may assess swimmers under 4 who can move up to the big kids classes)

All our big kiddies classes are small ratio classes with a teacher and an assistant to help swimmers progress. Our pool is lovely and warm which we find really helps when learning how to swim as you feel more relaxed in warm water. We make sure we group our classes in age and ability so you will not have a 5 year old learning to swim in with a 12 year old as an example. Our baby swimmers progress into these classes so the parents can take a step back and watch the swimmers  from our viewing gallery. If you haven't attended our baby classes that's no problem at all as our receptionists can help you find the right class. The more advanced classes are for our swimmers who have completed our beginner classes where we will work on all the four main strokes - Front Crawl, Backstroke, Breastroke and Butterfly. We also include in our big kids classes life saving, water polo and synchronised swimming so all the swimmers are learning these fun skills. 


The SwimMania Team

We really do love what we do!

We really do have the most amazing team! Our teachers are all highly trained and even after they pass their qualifications they then go through in house training. Our assistants all train alongside our teachers to make sure they help the children reach their goals. Our admin team are just the best and we always have admin staff on shift to help with any questions you may have. We believe training is the key to a great team so all the team have been on various courses from first aid to pool plant qualifications

Our Facility

Yes we did it we built our very own pool!

The award winning SwimMania facility, which we built from scratch to our own specifications opened in 2018.  The lessons are run 7 days a week in our hydrotherapy pool which is always a toasty 32.5 or above. We have a lovely cubicle changing area, showers and an air conditioned viewing gallery so you can watch your swimmer progress

We do love a theme week so we go all out and even decorate the viewing area so it's magical for the swimmers from the moment they arrive. Our swim lessons are in our extra warm hydro pool so our classes are suitable for little ones that are just two weeks old up to big kids and adults so you can join our classes as soon as you are ready. 

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