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    What Our Swimmers Have To Say!

Mum Sarah - Baby Summer 


Zoe is fab, not only as a Swimming Instructor but also as a person, nothing is too much trouble and my little girl simply adores the water and has come on in leaps and bounds since attending Zoe’s classes! As a new mummy I have learnt lots in the classes about different ideas to help Summer progress in the pool and the lessons are lots of fun for Summer and Mummy. Summer has become a real water baby I would recommend anyone to Zoe and her lessons are so reasonable compared to other classes, but the quality far exceeds others we have tried, a big thank you to Zoe!



SwimMania is a fantastic swimming school. I cannot recommend it enough. Zoe is really amazing with all the children, my son has been having lessons with her since April '13. He has gone from a complete non-swimmer to being able to swim confidently. She is very patient and gets the absolute best out of every child every lesson, all the children love her! My son also happens to have Down's syndrome and it has never been an issue, every child is taught according to their ability. It also means that now my son has something that he excels and it's a real confidence boost for him.

Mila & Cooper


SwimMania, Simply the best and with the kindest teachers. Our children just love you!

Mum: Clare and Baby Jessica 


I started SwimMania with my baby when she was 4 months old and loved it from day one.  The pool is beautifully warm which is great when swimming with such a small baby.  Zoe is a fantastic Instructor and is very good at helping new mums and their babies get the hang of swimming together.  The classes are fun with a nice variety of swimming techniques, play time and some signing and splashing!  I like the swimming lessons as they are a good, fun way to spend time with your baby and they will hopefully set her off in good stead to be a confident swimmer when she is older.



Amelia and I love SwimMania and especially our teacher Zoe! We have been attending lessons since Amelia was 8 weeks old and she has progressed so much, having no fear of the water at just 2 1/2. She jumps in, can swim with 1 arm disk and loves going under the water like a mermaid. This is all down to the dedication of such an amazing swim school. We highly recommend them and wish them all the luck in the world as they open their new pool.



SwimMania: We Love You


You got our son from a little boy too scared to get his face wet/hated jumping in to....a super swimmer who now loves to jump in, swim under water, collect sinkers from the pool floor, does under water handstands/forward & backward rolls & has fantastic knowledge of how to do the correct strokes.Cannot recommend your swims chool any higher!!!!!

Mum Felicity and Baby Jake 


SwimMania is fun and educational for my baby. He is getting more confident in the water and also loves it! Its one of the highlights of our week. Zoe is a fantastic teacher, always bubbly and ready to go. She also understood that as a mum returning to work you might have to switch lessons which she has let me do with no problem! I would recommend her and Swim Mania to anyone and everyone!!

 Mum Carol and swimmer Holly

SwimMania has given my daughter so much confidence. Holly was so very nervous of water before she started but now she loves swimming. I can't thank Zoe enough for the hard work she has put in with Holly!

Mum: Lauren, Sons Joshua & Alexander 


Zoe and her team are truly amazing and have worked wonders with Joshua.  He started off so nervous I had to get in the pool with him (which was wonderfully warm) but now is swimming without any discs at all and is so confident!  Alexander has just started and just loves being in the water.  Would highly recommend Zoe.

Mummy Hayleigh, Daddy Aaron and baby Roman

For me Roman attending the SwimMania classes gives me peace of mind that he is learning safety in the pool. He doesn't mind water over his face and has become used to dunking under water. I will definitely be bringing him till he goes to school to enable him to become as confident as I was as a child in the pool. Thanks Zoe.

Mum: Leonie and Son Oscar 


Since my shy nervous toddler joined SwimMania he has come on in leaps and bounds. Having tried 2 other swim schools for him which really distressed him we joined SwimMania in April 2012. He now is totally confident in the water, swims with only 2 arm disks per arm, will jump in the pool and today learnt to swim under water! I'm so proud of him and so pleased with the hard work Zoe and Kristy have put in. My husband and I can't believe the change in him. Thank you SwimMania you're great! xx


Mum: Victoria and Son Joseph 


BEFORE SWIMMANIA - I went to another swim school with my first child for nearly 2 years. It was double the price and very in personal. The teachers weren't as welcoming and we felt we were on a conveyor belt. They used very limited toys and every class format was the same. We never got any certificates and when we left (baring in mind we had been going for nearly 2 years) the instructors never said goodbye. We did an underwater photo shoot, which was ridiculously priced, and all we could afford was some fridge magnets of our daughter underwater swimming. They never had a second member of staff on site during the lessons if I had any questions. The babies also had to wear the happy nappy pants, which were extra cost.


I was recommended SwimMania by a friend when our son was born. We have taken our son since he was 4 months old. It's the same pool but a total different experience. He is now 11 months. The classes are amazing. There is a lot more interaction from the instructors and he has 3 certificates already. Not only are the classes half the price but they are a lot more fun. There are lots of toys and free play as well as structured activities. Everyone who works there is friendly. There is always an extra member of staff on site to assist with queries and I feel they genuinely care about the babies. The underwater shoot with SwimMania was much more affordable and reasonably priced. SwimMania really is an excellent swim school!


Mum: Natasha and Baby Ameila


My daughter started her swimming lessons with Zoe at swimmania at 5 months old. She is now 9 months and the difference in her swimming is amazing. Although Zoe has a group of parents and babies in her classes, she makes an effort to spend time with each baby encouraging them at all times which is great teaching. The class is very friendly as are the staff and I look forward to every week seeing further improvements from my daughter which is vast. Zoe is professional and a wonderful teacher!


Mum: Jodie and Mia 


Mia said it was one of the best days of her life....even after not wanting to get in & the tears!!! She's so proud of herself so thank you, you've made more of an impact in half an hour than months of lessons!! x


Mum: Sarah and Baby Xavier 


I began classes at Swim Mania when my little boy was just 4 weeks old. I was anxious about what to expect, however Zoe and her team made me feel completely at ease and confident in the water with my son. My son is now 7 months old and loves his swimming classes. It is a joy to see him smile as he kicks his way through the water. He is also able to summerge under water with confidence, something that I would have not been able to do without Zoes support. Swim Mania is a fantastic swim school, I would highly reccommned it to anyone one with children. 


Mum: Debbie – son and daughter George & Elsa


Zoe is currently teaching both my 7 year old daughter and my 3 year old son. She has taught my daughter for a while now and has really improved her stroke techniques, learning to dive and building up her stamina for longer distances. Zoe has a lot of patience with children of all ages, my son would not put his face in the water at all when he first started lessons, but Zoe has encouraged him and he has the confidence now to do so. Both my children trust Zoe so when trying new things they know they will be okay with Zoe being with them. I have recommended Zoe to friends before and will do again. She is a friendly person and remembers all the children’s names and what their abilities are.


Mum and Baby Harry


SwimMania has transformed my little boy from screaming at bath time to a happy little swimmer. It's great to see his confidence growing week by week and his enjoyment of the water. Zoe is a fantastic teacher and gives each child individual attention and I would recommend her to anyone.


Mum: Julie – Sons Lucas & Keenan 


Both my sons have attended these lessons and I can’t believe how fast they have come on. They enjoy the fun side of it whilst learning at the same time.


Mum: Kimberley & Baby Evelyn 


Zoe has a lovely way with all the babies in her classes. She is always happy and Evelyn (and Nanny) always loves her lessons


Mummy and Mya 


We're doing the mother and baby class which is small in size and done really well to get the babies used to the water and preparing them for swimming. Zoe is a great teacher and very attentive -looking forward to many more lessons. Thanks 




Dylan has come on in leaps and bounds since starting at SwimMania. His confidence & ability has grown tremendously thanks to Zoe & her team. As class sizes are small, more attention can be given to each child which was a key factor for me when finding a swim school. Highly recommend Swim Mania.