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SwimMania is a family run business with a team of highly competent and friendly professionals.


We all love what we do so check us out!

Zoe Crane

Swim school owner and Teacher at SwimMania Swim School


I have been swimming since I was 4 months old and just love the pool! Whilst at college studying Child Care and Education I started work as a lifeguard at my local pool, where I used to assist the swimming teachers and work for the local swimming club. I enjoyed helping out so much that when I finished college I went on to pass my Assistant Teachers and Full Teacher’s Swimming qualification and many more qualifications since then including studying swimming/baby swimming in USA and also have achived my pool plant operators level 3 qualification. I have so many years of experience working at various swim schools and leisure centers throughout Essex teaching babies, children and adults to swim and I am now the proud owner of SwimMania Swim School! I love the fact that we are not a franchise swim school and that it's my own business which I think is just great and so much more personal! We at SwimMania will always go the extra mile for every single one of our swimmers if anyone needs us we are always here for a good chat! Swimming is such an amazing skill that everyone should learn and we all believe that learning to swim should be fun and exciting for the kiddies and parents! My whole team absolutely love what they do and I think this really shows in our classes as we all believe learning to swim should be fun and exciting! I am always putting my team on various courses throughout the year to make sure everyone is up to date with their teaching and also first aid!


We all look forward to meeting you soon! 

Carla SwimMania Manager  – The fabulous Carla is the Manager at SwimMania and also a super swimming teachers. Carla deals with the day to day runnings of the swim school and does love a bit of admin! She has a bunch of first aid and pool plant qualifications as well as various teaching certificates and just loves to train. Carla has been on such a journey with her daughter Pixie who hated the water and here is her story! "Me and Pixie started swimming with Zoe when she was around 9 months old to be honest Pixie hated the water whatever Zoe asked Pixie to do she didn't want to do! Armbands, Woggles, Jumping in, Going under the final hurdle was goggles. As a parent I used to get embarrassed! Pixie would cry for a lot of the lesson and I used to think I was ruining it for the other parents. All my family are strong swimmers and I didn't want Pixie to be the only one who couldn't swim. Zoe would always reassure me she would get there at the time it was hard to see. Well now 4 years on Pixie is a little mermaid she ab solutely LOVES swimming. She is only 4 and she can swim confidently in deep water front crawl with correct side breating and beautiful backstroke! She loves it in the pool and one of her favorite things is diving down to the floor to pick up sinkers! Without Zoe's perseverance Pixie would never be where we are today! I started working for SwimMania in 2016 and I absolutely love it! I think swimming is such an important life skill that every child should learn! I love seeing our children improve and grow with confidence my favorite week is badge week!!! Who doesn't love a certificate and a badge xxx"


Carla's daughter Pixie at 6 years old can now swim beautiful front crawl with the correct side breathing, backstroke with lovely long over arms, fabulous breaststroke and also butterfly wiggles just like a mermaid. 

Beth SwimMania Manager – Lovely Beth is a manager at SwimMania and works with our manger Carla to help the swim school run. She swims at SwimMania with all of her children and is so passionate about how learning to swim is one of the most important skills a child must have. She now works with us and is one of our main receptionists and is just brilliant with all the admin! She also loves to be in the pool and assists with the teachers during some of the lessons.

Leanne - The fantastic Leanne is one of our lovely teachers. Leanne started her teacher training with Zoe and has now passed all her swimming teacher qualifications including adult and child. She has also successfully passed her National Rescue Test Award For Swimming Teachers and is qualified in first aid. Leanne also like Zoe has her pool plant level 3 qualification so she knows all the ins and outs of the pool so we can always make sure the water is perfect for our swimmers! She attends courses throughout the year to make sure her teaching is up to date and she regularly attends first aid training sessions. Leanne attends one of our weekly SwimMania swim classes with her little boy Louie since he was just 4 months old! Leanne says "I learnt to swim as a young child and loved my weekly swimming lessons. Once my son Louie was born I wanted to get him into swimming lessons as soon as I could. I was so pleased when Louie got a place at SwimMania and every week I get so much enjoyment out of attending his lesson. Louie is now 17 months old (April 2015) and every week his confidence in the water grows and he enjoys it more and more. This is all thanks to Zoe's teaching and her lessons that involve learning and having fun. I would highly recommend SwimMania and feel privileged to be part of Zoe's team. To be in an environment in which you are able to watch kids learn to swim and progress is brilliant." (Leanne's little swimmer now swims in the Over 18 Months classes)


Adele – Adele is one of the newest team members and started her journey with SwimMania in 2022. Adele is a swimming assistant but she also helps out on our admin desk. She loves working with kiddies and has lots of experience working with children before starting SwimMania at a local dance school. Adele is first aid qualified and has passed her teachers rescue test with flying colours.

Eve - Is one of our swimming assistants and also a receptionist at the pool. Eve does lots of days at the pool and is always really helpful with holiday cover so you will probably bump into Eve during one of your visits. Eve is great with the kids in the pool especially if they are a little bit nervous. Eve is qualified in first aid and also has also done a few other courses while she has been with us.

Melissa – Melissa is one of our fabulous teachers who started with us as just a swim assistant. She just loved assisting so we started doing some teacher training quite early on and she is now a fully qualified teacher with her own classes. You will also see Melissa on the desk at the pool as she also does a lot of admin with us. Melissa loves teaching the kids and watching Melissa grow with the company has been amazing. Melissa is first aid trained and has also done a few other courses with us. 


Heidi – Heidi started working with us as a weekend swim assistant. She then also took on some other weekday shifts assisting the kiddies before she became a fully qualified teacher. Heidi did lots of inhouse training before she took on her very own teaching hours and she also achieved her first aid qualifications. Heidi is a fab teacher and will make sure all the swimmers smash their swimming challenges each week.

Carol - We first met Carol when she brought her daughter to our classes when she was 3 years old. She has always loved swimming and decided now was the time to get some experience working alongside us assisting in the pool before she started her teaching exams. She is now a fully qualified swimming teacher and also has her teacher rescue test award. Carol is still training alongside Zoe and the rest of the team as we want the best of the best for our SwimMania swimmers! Carol says - I brought Holly to her first swimming lessons at SwimMania when she was just 3 years old and she hated the water which for me as confident swimmer was devastating. Holly would cry the whole lesson and at first she wouldn't let go of Zoe's (teacher) neck. All I could do as a parent was try and block out the crying as I knew this was for the best as i wanted her to over come this fear (some other parents would look at me and ask why I wasnt going over and giving her a cuddle and taking her out the class or stopping the lessons, to which my response was because that will not help her in the long run). Holly would get into a right state the night before the lesson, so I would take her swimming to build confidence outside the classes. After much patience and skill from Zoe Holly started to enjoy her lessons. Whenever something new cane up in a lesson Holly would be frighten but soon got over it all thanks to Zoe and her team of fantastic people showing Holly that she can do anything as long as she believes in herself. I can honestly say I'm so proud how far Holly has come, she loves swimming so much now that she wants to win medals at the Olympics #comeonteamGB. 


I can't wait to get started at the new pool and teach children the most important skill they can have, swimming! It is so satisfying to teach someone a skill that could either save their life or the life of someone else.


(Holly is now stage 6 and is an amazing super swimer) 

Sarah – The lovely Sarah joined the SwimMania team in 2018 and mainly teaches during the week. Sarah also helps out on reception so you may see her on the desk some days. Sarah loves teaching swimmers from tiny babies up to big kiddies. 

Charlotte – The fabulous Charlotte is one of our swim teachers who teaches lots of babies who are starting their swimming journey as well as our more advanced big kiddies classes. She has always been a swimmer from an early age and most of her family are also swim teachers. She loves coming up with fun ideas to make the classes so educational and super fun at the same time. 

Jo – Jo started swim classes with her daughter a few years ago who just loves the water! Jo always had so much fun in the classes so when we was looking to take on more staff members she applied for the job! We could see how enthusiastic Jo was just in the classes with her daughter so we knew Jo would be a great member of the team! She works on reception but she is mainly in the pool assisting in the big kiddies classes which she just loves!  Jo is now a qualified swimming teacher and you will often see Jo covering lessons when our teachers are on holiday. 

Hannah – Hannah is a big kiddies teacher and also helps assists in some of the classes. She has always been a swimmer since an early age and has always loved the sport! She really enjoys helping with the weekend kiddies and has so much fun doing so its her highlight of the week! 

Dawn – The lovely Dawn started working for us as a swim assistant July 2019. She is such a fab member of the team and also has her rescue test award for teachers. She really loves assisting in the pool working alongside the teachers. 

Elouise – Elouise started with us in July 2018 and is one of our swim assistants however since starting she has also qualified as a swimming instructor and also helps behind our reception desk. Elouise covers a lot of the admin shifts so we are sure you will bump into her during your swimming journey with us. 

Jenna – Jenna joined the team in 2019 and is one of our swimming assistants who is also qualified in first aid. You will often see Jenna helping out in our big kiddie classes during the week. Jenna is now a qualified swimming teacher and you may see her covering your class when your teacher is on holiday. 

Ella – Ella joined the team when we opened our new pool in 2018 and has been such a great help on a Sunday with all the big kiddies. She assists Carol and Kerri on a Sunday and you will sometimes see her during the week covering other assistant’s shifts when our assistants are on there holidays. 

Laura – The lovely Laura started working with us in 2022 and you will often see Laura on the admin desk and in the pool assisting the swimmers. Laura loves working with the swimmers and seeing them progress each week. Laura has successfully passed her teachers rescue course and is qualified in first aid.

All our teachers have undertaken ASA or STA Level one, Level two in teaching swimming and all our Baby swim teachers have a special STA or ASA qualification in teaching babies. All have assisted with Zoe to learn the SwimMania way of teaching and they also take part on on going training. Our instructors also have a NRASTC or NPLQ lifesaving qualification evan if they are just assisting classes or are poolside admin. SwimMania is fully insured and all staff are DBS checked.